From Bill Payments to Transferring Funds- 5 Facilities Offered by SBI Net Banking

Another significant benefit of net banking is that customers can conveniently open recurring and fixed…

Another significant benefit of net banking is that customers can conveniently open recurring and fixed deposit accounts online. Here, they can select their preferred deposit type (cumulative/non-cumulative) amounts and investment terms.

Apart from these services, SBI card holders can also enjoy a host of other services through net banking facilities, such as purchasing or selling mutual funds, purchasing insurance policies and applying for different types of loans. In addition, the net banking account also allows customers to set auto payments for recurring expenses.

How to Register an SBI Credit Card for Net Banking Benefits?

Before proceeding with the SBI card log in process, you need to complete your SBI net banking registration. Following the steps mentioned below to register:

Step 1: Visit the SBI credit card login page

Step 2: To begin the SBI net banking sign up, tap on the ‘register now’ option under ‘log in’ button

Step 3: After redirecting to a new page, input details of SBI credit card such as number, CVV and DOB

Step 4: Click on ‘proceed’

Step 5: Now, validate the SBI credit card log in reset by submitting the OTP sent to the registered mobile number

Step 6: Again, click on ‘proceed’

Step 7: After redirecting to a new page, you need to choose your user ID and password that is different to your SBI credit card

Step 8: Tap on ‘confirm’

How to Make SBI Credit Card Payments Using SBI Net Banking Facility?

SBI card internet banking can also be used to make SBI credit card bill payments. This benefit is only available for existing card users who have successfully completed their net banking registrations.

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Here are the steps to make monthly SBI credit card payments using SBI net banking services:

Step 1: Visit the SBI credit card log in page

Step 2: Complete SBI credit card log in process by using your ID and password

Step 3: Now, go to the ‘bill payments’ section

Step 4: Under ‘bill payment’ option, choose the option ‘view/pay bills’

Step 5: Select the option ‘without bills’

Step 6: Choose ‘SBI card’ as your ‘biller’

Step 7: Select the SBI account number using the one you wish to make the payment

Step 8: Click the ‘pay’ button

By following these steps, customers can successfully complete the SBI credit card bill payments conveniently.

Net banking is an incredible facility available in almost every field and industry. Moreover, its availability in the banking sector has helped many customers. Internet banking has undoubtedly transformed the way to conduct financial transactions as all the banking facilities are available online. Furthermore, SBI card holders can conduct their financial activities online through internet banking without any hassle.